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Alex Butenko  |   http://alexbutenko.co.uk

"After the brainstorm and elimination of a few ideas, I have decided to focus the project on different-type handwritings. We cannot see a person’s handwriting in email, text or Facebook message. Everyone has got a unique handwriting, which means, anyone’s letter will be different – filled in with a unique character. For the set of stamps, I have used the traditional words we start and finish the letter with. We all sometimes forget to use these words when we send quick email responds and/or text messages. Handwritten, these words embrace the emotional and the traditional of letter writing."

Born in USSR, raised and bred in Latvia. Currently based in Southampton, UK and regularly commuting with London. I have just finished BA in Graphic Design, so am currently on the look-out for freelance, full-time and collaboration opportunities.

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15 Nov