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Matthias Pinkert   |  http://dreipuls.com

"Depending on how far and where the user draws that curtain, the illumination of the room will change. Thus, the user can actively decide the amount and the position of the light incidence.

The rings, almost floating along the light rail, put two metaphors in redundancy, aiming directly at the motor function of the human hands: drawing curtains and moving balls on an analog calculator, a “so called” abacus. A lit area is drawn directly by hand. Sitting on top of the desk surface on thin poles, the illuminant reminds of a classic neon tube in grasping height, giving RIMA a semantic touch.”

To know we are surrounded of simple solutions to make difficult problems much more easier, that’s my motivation to work as a designer. To bring this simplicity to alive its fun. So, design is great fun! Matthias Pinkert - industrial designer with a passion of high quality products in the field of led technology

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17 Nov