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“Each of the smaller boxes contains 20 activities with good, specific and descriptive information about which areas are stimulated in the activity. In addition to the field that the card mainly represents, the cards also describes other disciplines that are stimulated while doing the activity. The logo is made out of the company name, set with abstract letters made of circles and straight lines.The logo shows an unbroken “line” that symbolizes lifelong learning, an image of community and caring.

The artwork on the different boxes is a typographic play with opportunities for individual interpretation of the forms, made out of shapes from the logo divided into new forms, to enhance the expression and identity. The colors on the box represents the different disciplines that you will find on the boxes and cards. The box with black base color contains the instruction booklet.”

Ghost Design is a unique multidisciplinary design agency. We work with graphic design, industrial design and design for digital media. Ghost focuses on user-friendly and functional design that not only looks good but works.

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20 Nov