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Vanessa Gong   |   http://vanessagong.com

"These top selected GB hat/collar pins have traveled with me to Berlin. Hand made of Resin, and painted in Acrylic. Now, some of them are available for purchase, find from here. Every piece is signed by myself, will be documented and named after every collector/buyer’s title after its departure.”

Name’s Vanessa (aka Van). Born in Dalian China, but moved on to Sydney Australia at a young age. My background is from the art academy, first Chinese watercolor painting before I switched to Western classical painting at age 12. I graduated from Billy Blue College of Design in Australia, and had the opportunity to work with a number of great agencies spanning from interior design, to print and on to screen based media. The last 3 years in Australia I worked as senior digital designer, before I struck out on my own and relocated to Europe. My current base is in Bergen, Norway where I work with local and international clients doing print, web, illustration (both vector and freehand), mural paintings, and retail interiors.

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26 Nov