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Davide Anzalone   |   http://davideanzalone.com

"From coffee table to vase-holder, from display unit to a chest of drawers: a neutral rectangular box has in its interior a coloured base structure, fitted out with shelves, uprights or drawers, depending on its function. The design is characterized by the formal and functional contrast between the interior and the exterior of the piece of furniture. In cooperation with Tommaso Bistacchi."

Davide Anzalone (Porto Recanati 1980), after graduating at the Politecnico di Milano, moves to Austria and gets a specialization in Product Design at the FH Joanneum of Graz. In 2006 he goes back to Italy and, after a short period in Design Group Italia, begins his freelance activity collaborating with various architecture studios and consumer electronics firms. Since 2007 he is Chief of Design Department of the Hertz and Audison brands. At the same time he is also working as a design consultant for concept and innovation design studios. In 2009 establishes Anzalone+Bistacchi design studio with Tommaso Bistacchi.

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26 Nov