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"The first initiative from Partners for Mental Health designed to improve mental health in Canada. Critical to its success was to create an experience that would draw people into a conversation, encouraging a new, more open relationship with their feelings, and inspiring them to pledge their support. The identity thus had to be bold yet personal and comfortable. To do this, we created a spectrum of moods and corresponding colours that people could identify with, select and wear. We then put it out on the street to provoke engagement and dialogue, driving them to the website where they could learn more and pledge their support."

Blok is a design studio specializing in brand identities and experiences, packaging, exhibit design, installations and editorial design. Now here’s what we REALLY do: steep ourselves in the world around us, seek out the normal, the abnormal, the mundane, the exciting, the current, the obsolete, the inspiring, the disheartening and then use what we see to create surprising, compelling ways to move people. And we do it by collaborating with highly talented thinkers from around the world, taking on initiatives that blend cultural awareness, a love of art and humanity to advance society and business alike.

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3 Dec