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The Plant   |  http://theplant.co.uk

It’s a simple truth, but brands like people, learn, evolve and grow. We like to build brands with the capacity for growth. This means that they’re built to last. Relevant now, but optimistically pointed towards the future. We create a framework for brands to grow into. So much more than just a logo and some colors, we establish a point of view, an attitude, and a whole series visual elements that express this. So as the world changes and evolves, the brand will naturally follow, continually reinventing itself, reframing it’s message and it’s offering to be relevant to it’s audience.

We believe that a successful branding process is like good therapy. It’s aim is to reveal the truth, by gathering a clear understanding of the past, interpreting aims and motivations, and building a platform of honesty and unique identity that maximizes the potential for growth (and happiness!)

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12 Dec