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"This book builds on a four-year research project and describes what extraordinary idea work looks like in practice. The authors take you behind the scenes of some of Norway’s leading companies and show how surprisingly similarly they work when they are working creatively to develop and realize new ideas. The book gives us, for example, a glimpse of how Snøhetta designed the Opera and the 9/11 memorial in New York. Even when designing Opera House or a book, we nurture concepts. The design concept of this book is reflecting Post It notes often used for marking, and work on overall structure, playfulness and a colorful interplay in a creative environment."

Snøhetta Design is a award winning, transdisciplinary brand design agency incorporated within the Snøhetta offices in Oslo and New York. Snøhetta Design clients have projects integrated with Snøhetta Architecture or without any relation to architecture. Our work, regardless of graphic design, interior, landscape or architecture, are projects where we nurture concepts.

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13 Jan