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Jim Wong   |   http://gd-morning.org/jim

"People don’t recognize how important the starting of a day which affect their health and productivity. They feel exhausted and the situation keep on everyday. A guide of “Good Morning” has designed for this. It provides the information of the brand assets,i.e. why having a good morning is important, the ways to achieve and maintain the consistence.

Using graphic as a tool to transform this intangible concept into a tangible substance, 11 booklets has been design according to different tpic related to morning. With this guideline people could find out and re-organize their own life, and finally spread out the positive value of having a good start in a day is the principal to the society.”

Jim Wong is one of the Hong Kong graphic designer born in 80s.
He got a first honor in BA (Hons) degree in graphic design from Middlesex University, in corporation with HKU SPACE Community College. Specialized in corporate identity, promotion campaign, exhibition, printed issues and publication.

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6 Mar