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Glasfurd and Walker    |    http://glasfurdandwalker.com

"The cleanses come in 3, 5 and 7 day durations with a total of 12 packaged juices. Each Juice Cleanse is designed to promote overall health, energy and happiness. The brand is not focused around a diet or starvation cleanse and were carefully formulated with their nutritionist to achieve maximum results, with flavour and taste being of primary importance. A health conscious and ethical approach to cleansing needed to be communicated in an educational, yet light hearted and friendly way.The brand language is a development and extension of the Juice Truck identity that uses light humour and direct, no-fuss language and iconography to communicate their products offer."

Glasfurd & Walker is a small, internationally recognized design studio with a folio that includes branding and identity, packaging, web, print for publications and marketing collateral, exhibition and signage design.

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14 Mar