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Javier Jabalera    |    http://javierjabalera.com

"Linewand is a brand made of a family of objects created to made the tasks related to drawing, painting and calligraphy in the digital world. It is a multidisciplinary project that pretends to improve the interaction and invigorate the artistic creation. Our main goal is for the user to paint and draw in a more realistic manner in a digital format. In this way, the user feels more comfortable and achieves a total control over the creation from the beginning to the end."

I’m Javier Jabalera, a young graphic designer based in Barcelona. I recently graduated in Communication and Graphic Design in Elisava Design School. I’m so into editorial design, web, communication… All related graphic design thrills me and I also try to combine my design skills with other kind of abilities as lettering or illustration.

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16 Mar