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"The Daisy Bank Soap Company is a small, homemade toiletry company specializing in products with 100% organic, natural ingredients. They came to us needing to establish a suitable brand identity through which they could take their inaugural range of soaps to a larger audience. In response, we created a brand centered around a logotype that is both classic and contemporary, whilst a bold and fresh color palette helps them to become easily distinguishable in a market that is traditionally fussy and predictable. We applied the identity across their stationery including business cards, letterheads, envelopes and packing labels followed by screen-printed postcards and cigar bands."

Passport is a young and independent design bureau founded by Jonathan Finch & Rosalind Stoughton, based in Leeds, UK. Certain destinations and international design culture have informed and influenced our practice which is centered around print-based design for identity, editorial and promotion.

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25 Mar