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Taylor Benvenutti   |   http://taylorbenvenutti.com

"This is a redesign project for Stauffer’s Animal Crackers. It has fun, attractive colors that work together and individually. The packaging resembles a circus ticket and utilizes elements from vintage circus posters such as an assortment of type, illustrated hands, and decorative ornaments. I wanted to promote Stauffer’s various flavors by giving each a different illustrated mascot. Designs for on-the-go cups are included for each package, as well."

I am seeking a position that allows me to contribute high-quality creative thinking and further develop my awareness and design aesthetic within a strong team environment. I am also open to interesting and creative freelance projects. I am looking forward to going to new places and increasing my experiences. As a designer, I particularly enjoy including research, concepting, and sketches within my creative process. I also enjoy developing my illustration skills.

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8 Jun