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Thorbjørn Gudnason   |   http://thorbjoerngudnason.com

"ARoS must be branded more as a nuanced experience venue, than as a traditional art museum. By utilizing their unique selling propositions in the visual identity and optimize the flow of communication,the audience will be convinced that ARoS are among the most interesting art museums in the world. Their C.l. must appear unique, recognizable, and challenge the general visual expression of art exhibitions. Therefore I choose to incorporate the existing architecture and circular skywalk into the new visual identity. "

Thorbjørn Gudnason, born in 1990. Currently studying Graphic Communication (BA) at School of Visual Communication, in Denmark. I like to translate values into strong visual concepts that communicate and support the clients strategic goals. In my belief successful design consist of an interesting idea which is visually exciting and well executed. My fields of interest are branding, editorial, photography, packaging and web with main focus on the conceptual and graphic development.

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11 Jun