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Simon McWhinnie   |   http://smc-design.co.uk

"The logo emblem is based around the basic shape of a classic round bread board - in essence where the whole bread making process begins. This identity system allows for ease in naming and dating by the staff, ensuring that both staff and customers alike are sure of the freshness of each product. Authentic paper and cardboard materials have been used across the range of branding materials which helps to reaffirm the brands homemade characteristic."

Norwich based graphic designer with a passion for branding and creative problem solving across a variety of disciplines. I live by the ‘Smile in the mind’ theory and enjoy work that involves a witty, memorable and conceptual based approach to design. My skillset includes design for branding, advertising, marketing and publishing. I relish the prospect of a challenging project and believe there is a creative solution to each issue.

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18 Jun