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"Invitation to a photography exhibition, collaboration between Rice Creative / Dong Hau / L’Usine. For the invitation we created a story and shot it frame by frame. This film sequence was reproduced 200 times for the 200 needed invites. The receiver of the invite would get a roll of 35mm film, and be instructed to pull on the tab. The exposed film inside could be read one frame at a time. Each frame had a story of it’s own as well as giving all of the pertinent information such as time date, venue, and exhibition participants."

Rice Creative is a multidisciplinary design agency set up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2011 by Joshua Breidenbach and Chi-An De Leo. Out of Huge global Branding & advertising agencies respectively, the duo sought a smaller more personal environment to offer a new set of clients, world-class creative solutions,with emphasis on well informed concept. Rice creative plans to remain lean & focused forming long lasting bonds with their select clients to produce striking, long lasting creative work.

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2 Jul