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Donica Ida   |   http://donicaida.com

"A Guide to Camping is an interactive iPad application concept designed to be a part of a larger series of guides for the common adventurer. The application gives its user essential information for camping including first aid tips, how and where to set up camp, and what to do if you get lost. Created under the direction of Wyatt Mitchell, Will O’Connor, and Billy Sorrentino from Conde Nast."

Donica Ida is a graphic designer from Hawaii. She’s inspired by do-gooders, good thinkers, geometry, and the great outdoors. Aside from design she loves Swiss typography, triangles, flea markets, soy sauce, collecting maps and books, Stumptown coffee, cooking, playing around with her Nikon, lazy days at the beach, going to the ballet, and traveling.

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4 Jul