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Jake Dugard   |   http://jakedugard.com

"Create and Destroy was part of a grad school project to juxtapose a dichotomy through reiteration. Instead of simply making a series of the word destroy, I decided to make the piece a performance piece and physically destroy the one of kind laser cut sheets. I took each sheet and destroyed them in a different way. I sent the C through a paper shredder. I made a paper airplane out of the R. The E was covered in spray paint. I stabbed the A with an x-acto knife. The T was set on fire. The E was manually balled up."

I’m Jake Dugard and I am a designer and screen printer. I am currently working towards my Masters in Fine Arts at Louisiana Tech University and am on track to graduate in May 2014. I have a passion for branding/identity, print, illustration, and type design. I also enjoy taking a pic every now and again.

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26 Jul