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Studio Fusentast   |   http://studiofusentast.no

"Upstage AS is a production company that is coordinating and creating big events from backstage, and the identity developed is therefore based on the mantra that the ‘stand behind’. While creating experiences, they are invisible – working behind the scenes. This is reflected in the logo which is folded and mainly placed on the back whenever used on any physical application. The relevant information is placed on the front (scene) with an arrow pointing to the logotype’ backstage’, communicating that Upstage is behind."

Studio Fusentast is a multidisciplinary studio working within packaging design, identity, web and printed matter. Focusing on the process and individual needs, they are aiming to create unique solutions with strong visual experiences as a foundation. The studio is based upon two friends’ mutual perception and understanding, and their coinciding interest in communicating through design.

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30 Jul