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Shop Hunting Tuesdays:  United Pixelworkers  |   visit shop

United Pixelworkers was born of a simple idea: people in our industry are very proud of what they do, but they’re also proud of where they live. What if we gave designers and developers a way to represent both at once?

United Pixelworkers always deserved to be more than just a t-shirt storefront, and we’re starting to make good on that promise. Stay tuned. United Pixelworkers has reached a size and popularity we never thought possible. We’ve sold thousands of t-shirts to pixelworkers all around the world, made countless good friends, and amassed a huge and loyal following.

*Each Tuesday TDB presents you one awesome (design) shop / brand / product. All kinds of shops / products / brands are welcome (clothing, prints, furniture and more) - do not hesitate to share it if you own one! (email)*

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22 Oct