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Troonion Design   |   http://trooniondesign.com

"In the early days there were such a lot of kinds of butterflies all over Taiwan, it’s the reason why Taiwan was historically called a kingdom of butterflies. Right after hearing the plan that our client, SHU MEEI, was developing the tea market in China, TROONION DESIGN was determined to make the butterflies be seen around the world.

We not only know those beautiful insects are able to dance here but also believe they will be able to fly across the Taiwan Strait to China and dance there. So, first of all, we picked seven categories of them and drew them by using color pencils. From the shapes, lines, scales, or even to the muscles, we had been trying hard to carve them as the way they are. Everything is hand-made. However, you find them real when you gaze at them.”

Troonion is a design studio located in Tainan, Taiwan. Focused on packaging, branding, graphic design and print design.

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5 Nov