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Rational International   |   http://rationalinternational.net

"Some time after summer, we came to the idea of hosting another Behance Portfolio Review in Zagreb, this time taking a step forward and making a leap of faith into a blend of art, design and education.

We decided to call the event Designeyland, an ironic play on the mish-mash of various events and activities that calls upon associations with Disneyland - the crown jewel of activity-packed places.

The digital visuals were created for all the immediate and necessary online communication and the on-location posters were hand-painted and overprinted with black to save money on print and create a set of unique art posters of which some were hanged around the city, while others were displayed at the event.” View full project and appreciate it on Behance!

Rational International is a creative communications collective – they conceive, develop and produce creative content for both traditional and new media.

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12 Nov