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Quote of the week - 02/12/2013

YAWN   |   http://weareyawn.com   |   official shop

"A Song of Ice and Fire Book Series / A Game Of Thrones TV Show is one of our favorite things in this world. This is a personal poster project consisting of 14 of our favorite quotes from the series so far. We’ll probably make more though - there’s still a lot on the quote list. If you’re interested in purchasing the posters, visit YAWN’s official shop!”

YAWN is Annika and Sandra. We both studied graphic design and have been working together as freelance illustrators and graphic designers since 2009.  We are influenced by music, pop, youth culture, fashion, 80s surf and skate design and high school movies. Our services include, but are not limited to: Music Artwork Creation / Flyers & Posters / Logotypes / Illustrative fonts / Handlettering / T-shirt & Merchandise Designs / Illustrations & Covers for Books or Magazines / Brand Development / Web design and Music Videos.

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