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Mother Volcano   |   http://mothervolcano.com

"Urban myths. Don’t we all love to hear those awe inspiring myths that are guaranteed to be ‘true stories’? We set ourselves to illustrate a few of our favorites. This is an open and ongoing series of illustrations."

We’re illustrators and designers, creative thinkers and natural problem solvers. We do visual storytelling for the print and digital world. Still, moving or interactive. We understand business, branding, content, technology and people so we can work by your side from conception to production to help you connect with your audience, customers, readers, users. It can be a beautifully crafted illustration for a magazine, book, poster, package, t-shirt, wall, stamps or a website, an infographic, a animated video, a visual identity, an online experience, an app or something else that hasn’t been done before. You see, illustration can be many things!

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9 Dec