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Bunch   |   http://bunchdesign.com

"Constructed from Gridnik – the logotype’s uppercase sans-serif letterforms, 45-degree corners, monoline weight, structure and geometry, as well as its compounded nature, all point towards a straightforward and confident technological efficiency and neatly reference the designers that make up Sebazzo. The characters are well spaced, balanced by a central A and executed with a single black ink print treatment that provides a distinctive contrast to the more expressive and tactile sensibilities of the stationery." - Text by Richard Baird

Bunch is a leading creative design studio offering a diverse range of work, including, identity, literature, editorial, digital and motion. Established in 2002 with an international reach, from London to Zagreb, Bunch has an in-house team of specialists to deliver intelligent and innovative cross-platform solutions of communication design.

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22 Jan