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Empatía®   |   http://helloempatia.com

"With simple treats this newly coffee bar offers high quality coffee products in the city of Chicago, United States. Looking for a simple yet stylish brand, they approach empatía® to create their whole image.We designed a strong, seductive & elegant brand down to the last detail, including packaging and stationery. Where lie the roots of this brand? A simple expression of a simple business idea."

Empatía® is an Argentinian-based design agency operating in a global marketplace. Founded in 2013, by designer & creative Nicolás Vasino and his brother and Marketing Director Jonathan Vasino, this ultramodern studio is fond of simplicity and clean structured design, believing in the power of concept design as the operating philosophy and consistently pushing for creative innovation. We love facing new challenges. 

We are a part of a studio design that seeks to achieve the highest aesthetic, creative and conceptual excellence. We compromise ourselves with every work of the same way, working hard in every single detail.

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4 Feb