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"Troupe is a digital concept hybrid between an independent editorial platform and a diligently-curated fashion boutique which prides themselves to promote the rising trends of high-end street fashion across the globe, while constantly producing the most unique and exquisite fashion pieces every season through their online store. Troupe is tailor-made for those who loves drifting gracefully between the surreal world of fantasy and reality."

Flag&Mountains is a Singapore based idea-driven creative agency that was conceived based on the notion of a voyage—the symbol of mountains as a metaphor for a vast imaginable landscape of challenges, juxtaposed with the image of a flag, denotes the gesticulation of a victorious conquest. The ambitious goal of conquering and reaching the summit of every mountain is what matters to us. There is never a mountain too colossal to size, nor a mountain too rigorous to scale. Like wise old men, we will guide our partners towards their destination. And like expert mountaineers, we will drive them towards the summit.

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8 May