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"This sort of brand evolution meant that the identity needed stand the test of time and changes: it had to be clean, fresh and easy to use still after a couple of years when the first whiskys are matured. The solution was to make all visual elements simple but filled with (hidden) stories. Custom typeface called "Napue Sans" was designed from old Napue battle memorial monument engravings (right next to the distillery building), giving a true historical and local flair for the identity. Colors were kept to minimum using only black and white with silver and golden accents - silver for clear unaged spirits and gold for matured ones."

Werklig is an independent brand design agency founded in 2008. Our office is located in Helsinki, but we serve more than 50 clients both in Finland and internationally. We are designers, creatives and consults—but most of all, we are problem solvers.

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10 May