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Studio Lin    |    http://studiolin.org

"Fab commissioned Studio Lin to come up with a set of printed materials to be used in each of their product mailings. They came up with a shortened "Fab" language and applied it in bold typographic way. The use of foil stamp on thick card stock and PVC helped elevate the print pieces into keepsakes."

Studio Lin is the graphic design practice of Alex Lin. Their work process is founded on a desire to explore new territory through challenging collaborations with creative visionaries in the fields of architecture, industrial design, art and fashion. By combining the studio’s analytical rigor with strong input from external forces, the resulting design is exponentially enhanced: 1 + 1 = 3. This formula also permits a fluid aesthetic to prevail. Behind every Studio Lin design is a highly defined rationale but not a singular style. The common denominator is a fresh, modern sensibility that eschews the overtly trendy in favor of lasting impact.

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28 May