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TYPE - Letterpress Desk Calendar    |    Support on Kickstarter

Thank god, a calendar for an office that involves more than your ordinary. You know – the standard calendars with landscapes, dogs in outfits, and beach scenes with hot babes. We decided to put an end to this madness with a product design we started calling the TYPE.

The TYPE Calendar is printed on thick (55pt) cotton stock. All 12 months are pressed twice, once for each color (black and gray). The card stock is then cut down to size with a die cutting machine. This provides us with the clean beveled corners and a perfect cut each time. 

The cotton cards sit neatly in premium, eco-friendly bamboo. Each stand is hand cut, polished, and engraved with the product logo. 

If you’re interested in TYPE Calendar and you want to help make the product possible, proceed to the Kickstarter website and back the project today!

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30 Jun