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Amazing Font Deals of the week:

If you’re looking for the fresh new fonts to use in your projects, Mighty Deals have a huge selection of great and quality fonts at an amazing prices!

Classy, Elegant Aaron Script Font - only $9!

If your latest project is calling for a touch of class, it’s time to invite Aaron into your home. The Aaron Script Font, that is. This beautiful and elegant font sports nearly 400 glyphs, OpenType features such as ligatures and stylistic alternates, and even comes in Webfonts. Just because it’s elegant doesn’t mean it’s expensive too! 

Artimasa’s Fun, Vintage Prada Script Font - only $9!

Prada Script, from Artimasa, is a swirl of emotions blended into one beautiful font. It’s bold, classic and tons of fun, all working together in a very vintage style. Perfect for headlines, signs and logos, Prada Script comes with more than 60 character alternates and is available in both desktop and Webfonts versions. And despite its total awesomeness, you won’t be paying modern prices! 

Latinotype Pack of 9 Fabulous Font Families - only $37!

Looking for a fresh take on typefaces? Then you owe it to yourself to cast your eyes on this fontastic Latinotype Pack! Full of 9 versatile and highly original font families, your latest projects will soon be the talk of the town! Font families include a variety of weights, styles and OpenType features. If that’s not enough for you to get down with these funky fonts, how’s this?

Fontfabric Font Bundle of 90+ Fonts - only $29!

If you’re looking for a great set of fonts, this Fontfabric Font Bundle is sure to put a big fat smile on your face! That’s because with just 1 deal, you’ll get yourself more than 90 different fonts! You’ll get yourself some of the greatest Sans and Art fonts around. These 18 unique font families are delivered to you all in an .OTF file format.

12 Fantastic Font Families from Fresh Pressed Fonts - only $29!

New fonts are always an exciting way to spruce up an old design. And with this amazing deal from Fresh Pressed Fonts, you’ll suddenly have yourself 12 exciting new ways! This fantastic font find includes 12 Font Families, each with a variety of styles and customized glyphs. The wide range of styles covers everything from slab serifs to hand-drawn fonts. 

If your looking for more amazing deals, proceed to the Mighty Deals website and start searching!

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18 Oct

Lauren Hom    |    http://homsweethom.com

"Lettering for a line of inspirational gift tags."

Lauren is a designer, illustrator, and letterer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her love for hand-drawn typography and doodles, combined with the speed and precision of the computer, has led her to develop a unique type style that’s crisp and clean, yet whimsical and handmade. Known for her bright color palettes and playful letterforms, Lauren has created work for clients like YouTube, Los Angeles Magazine, and Simon & Schuster. She finds that she’s happiest when creating; so, when she’s not working, you can find her baking yummy things, sewing funny pillows, or sketching out her next tattoo.

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18 Oct

Studio Weidemüller    |    http://weidemuller.com

"Our identity reflects our own design principles and our multi-cultured background. Every detail is carefully selected and crafted with the same effort we put in every project. We believe in the power design has to change the perception of a business."

Studio Weidemüller is a small independent design studio, focusing on brand identities, digital solutions and objects for international & local clients. As a studio they strongly believe  in working with talented peoples, so if you want to show them your work or have an idea for a project to collaborate on, feel free to contact them.

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18 Oct

Inplicito    |    http://inplicito.com

"Stephanie & Rafael are a nice couple from São Paulo. Inplicito was hired to create the visual universe for their wedding event from the save the date, giveaways to a style guide for the groomsmen. They also designed a separated visual guidelines as a reference for the decorators and created the atmosphere where the ceremony took place. The project visual is simple and neutral as their client asked, aiming to get away from the visual clichés like Tiffany blue and golden finish, giving space to a traditional and modern look."

Founded in 2013 and based in São Paulo, they are a small graphic design studio focused on brand identity. With meticulous attention to details, they help companies to translate their values and strategies into powerful visual and verbal languages.

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17 Oct