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RoAndCo   |   http://roandcostudio.com

"Honor is a high-end women’s luxury brand that translates the nostalgia of an old-world atelier into something sophisticated, wearable and modern. We designed the invitation for its FW13 presentation around the flashy hits of ’90s pop-color present in the collection, using fluorescent pink vinyl, a staple of that era to create the card, then foil-stamping the artwork in hot pink."

RoAndCo, founded in 2006, is a multi-disciplinary creative agency that serves as a visual thought leader, aiming to thoughtfully distill a client’s inspirations, ideas and motivations into fresh, sincere and compelling brand messages that engage and resonate.

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11 Feb

Anagrama   |    http://anagrama.com

"The shop started up as a project by Novelty’s partners once they returned from the exciting and ever-evolving New York fashion scene. The shop was to feature handpicked items that could be considered quirky and novel trendsetters, something you couldn’t find in any other shop, hence our choice for naming.  

Like its attire inventory, the brand is sober and feminine but has the ability to thrive among more eccentric elements, such as the watercolor marks in the stationery or the collage-like composition of its printed ad.”

Ideas exchanged generate constant inspiration. Different points of view, opposite focus conciliation and comprehension of our own views, complement our success. That is why we open our doors with the best attitude to continuously collaborate with the press and education.

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28 Jan

Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 17/12/2013

Braća Burazeri   |   http://shop.bracaburazeri.com

They are creative, talented, skilled and fearless. They love to experiment. They are full of understanding even for unreasonable demands. They belong to a generation who have not seen a lot of beauty growing up, however everything they create is so wonderful, exciting and different that it remains a big mystery where is it coming from. 

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17 Dec

Shop Hunting Tuesdays:  United Pixelworkers  |   visit shop

United Pixelworkers was born of a simple idea: people in our industry are very proud of what they do, but they’re also proud of where they live. What if we gave designers and developers a way to represent both at once?

United Pixelworkers always deserved to be more than just a t-shirt storefront, and we’re starting to make good on that promise. Stay tuned. United Pixelworkers has reached a size and popularity we never thought possible. We’ve sold thousands of t-shirts to pixelworkers all around the world, made countless good friends, and amassed a huge and loyal following.

*Each Tuesday TDB presents you one awesome (design) shop / brand / product. All kinds of shops / products / brands are welcome (clothing, prints, furniture and more) - do not hesitate to share it if you own one! (email)*

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22 Oct