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Featured video for this week is “Coffee in 200 frames” animation by Steffen Lyhne - dedicated animator, illustrator and motion designer. He likes to create things that make people warm and bubbly inside.

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12 Nov

Featured video for this week is called "The Tale of Rondo" - animated app promo for Rando, an anonymous photo sharing platform.

Design and direction: Markus Magnusson; Animation: Markus Magnusson, Raoul Alpkut; Soundtrack: Ergo Phizmiz - Tillys Punctured Romancer; Sound design: Markus Magnusson with some help from freesfx.co.uk

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23 Oct

Featured video for this week is animation called “Inspiration” by Rafa Galeano - a Spanish motion-grapher who works as teacher of After Effects in Estación Diseño school (Granada).

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25 Jun

Featured video for this week is a really great animation called “Truth - More Than” that illustrates some disgusting facts about Big Tobacco. Created by Black Math - Executive Producer Evan Fellers and Creative Director Jeremy Sahlman have partnered in a new venture: Black Math! From our office in Copley Square (yes, Boston) we design, illustrate, and direct A-level creative for our friends and clients.

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3 Jun