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Applove   |   http://applove.se

"Applove’s new responsive webpage."

Applove is based in Stockholm, Sweden and consists of Mia Natt och Dag and Biola Kadiri. We are a web design and applications team with over 10 years of experience in designing clean and easy to use websites, not to mention awesome iPhone games that you get addicted by.

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14 Jun

Thursdays: Cool Apps

Tall Chess   |   http://tallchess.com   |   download

A timeless game, beautifully tailored to the iPhone. Unlike other chess apps, Tall Chess uses the entire screen of the device to present the game board, keeping the focus on the game, not extraneous and unnecessary interface elements. This emphasis on simplicity and usability extends to all parts of the app.

Dumb Ways To Die   |   http://dumbwaystodie.com   |   download

You’ve seen the video - now the lives of those adorably dumb characters are in your hands! Download the FREE game now to protect private parts from piranhas, wipe up vomit, feed rattlesnakes, and most importantly - be safe around trains.

MEMOVY   |  http://memovy.com   |   download

MEMOVY turns your pictures into moving memories. It creates a fast movie-stream out of your photo library. Something to share with your loved ones!

Elevatr   |   http://elevatr.com   |   download

A mobile-first experience designed to organize and amplify your business ideas. We’ve taken the structure of a traditional business plan and integrated the best from free-form note apps to create a product that guides your ideas into concise plans worth executing. Our mission is to help turn your ideas into businesses.

Step   |   http://step.pe    |    download

Click, Capture, and Collect your life flow STEP is your personal smart journal that makes it easy and fun to record your life with simple icon-clicks, and provides aggregated information through your own dashboard.

If you know any cool / nicely-designed app, feel free to share it! - contact

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6 Jun

Thursdays: Cool Apps


Sunrise   |   http://sunrise.am  

Your new calendar. Sunrise is a free, fast and beautiful calendar designed to make your life easier.


Ruzzle   |   http://ruzzle-game.com

Ruzzle is a fun and fast-paced word game where you can challenge your friends or allow an opponent to be chosen randomly. Who can find the most words in two minutes?


DailyCost   |   http://dailycost.com

DailyCost is a simple, elegant and intuitive expense tracker for everyday life.


Squee   |   http://squee.it

Design inspiration in your pocket. Squee came out from our passion for beautifully designed products and now we want to share this passion with you.



The Gadget Flow   |   http://thegadgetflow.com

The Gadget Flow is the leading buyer’s guide for men and women with over 1500 items already published and with 5 new on a daily basis we continue to grow our collection of high quality gadgets and constantly optimizing our website for a better user experience.

If you know any cool / nicely-designed app, feel free to share it! - contact

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10 May

Tobias van Schneider    |   http://vanschneider.com

"A fun project I did a couple of months ago which I totally forgot to put online. Authentic Weather is probably the most honest & human weather app out there."

Tobias van Schneider is a multidisciplinary designer born in Germany, raised in Austria and currently living and working in New York City.  Focused on Branding & Interactive Design he always tries keep a multidisciplinary approach on all of his projects.

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14 Apr