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*Personal Project - Ena Baćanović   |   http://enabacanovic.com

"This was one of my favorite projects in 2013 - visual identity for Kastav Film Festival: KFF does not accept the usual form of film festivals, anyone is welcome to submit their film and all film screenings are free. There is no censorship or selection and authority & established standards of film-making are denied. Check out the full project and appreciate it on Behance!

22 years old, living and working in Zagreb - Croatia. My first encounter with Graphic Design was back in the days of Elementary school, in Art class, and since then, design is something that I do every day. I love making simple and clean things that have complicated stories behind them, with a dose of humor, if possible. When I’m not on the computer working on a new projects or sleeping, I play drums in a band called Punchke and run The Design Blog.

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4 Dec

Designer of the week - 04/11/2013

Adam Dixon   |   http://cargocollective.com/helloimadam

Adam Dixon, designer currently living in the great state of North Carolina. I like clean typography, good logos, and nice web layouts. I often listen to Independent music I don’t even like just to make myself look more cultured. It feels good to get that off my chest.

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5 Nov

Shop Hunting Tuesdays:  United Pixelworkers  |   visit shop

United Pixelworkers was born of a simple idea: people in our industry are very proud of what they do, but they’re also proud of where they live. What if we gave designers and developers a way to represent both at once?

United Pixelworkers always deserved to be more than just a t-shirt storefront, and we’re starting to make good on that promise. Stay tuned. United Pixelworkers has reached a size and popularity we never thought possible. We’ve sold thousands of t-shirts to pixelworkers all around the world, made countless good friends, and amassed a huge and loyal following.

*Each Tuesday TDB presents you one awesome (design) shop / brand / product. All kinds of shops / products / brands are welcome (clothing, prints, furniture and more) - do not hesitate to share it if you own one! (email)*

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22 Oct

Anagrama   |   http://anagrama.com

"Nordic House is a dry-cleaning shop in San Francisco, California. Our approach to Nordic House’s branding was focused on Scandinavian design, combining simple geometric forms with a clean, sharp, well-distributed logotype and an icy, cold color palette. Snowy white, chilly grey, pine needle green and fresh salmon combine to create a cool nordic landscape complete with its pure, immaculate and undisguised scents. A few icons are present in the overall identity, designed with a stark and reductionist style that captures the brand’s elemental emphasis on honesty, clarity and above all, quality."

Ideas exchanged generate constant inspiration. Different points of view, opposite focus conciliation and comprehension of our own views, complement our success. That is why we open our doors with the best attitude to continuously collaborate with the press and education.

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12 Jun