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Marton Borzak   |   http://martonborzak.com

"A book designed to reflect on secrets of the story. Commentary by the author, explanation and annotation of illustrations are printed with UV ink, which is only visible under UV light. The binding is designed in a way that the attached UV-lamp could fit inside the book, but at the same time it can be removed and used to explore hidden messages."

Marton Borzak is a graphic designer from Hungary, currently studying and freelancing in Copenhagen, Denmark doing a graphic design internship at RoAndCo Studio in New York City.

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12 Mar

Stephanie Passul   |   http://stephaniepassul.de

"Colour is able to inspire and surprise. The work of the Jewellery and Product designer Vera Aldejohann is mainly based on her love to colours, which she use as most formative element in her projects. For her portfolio were seventeen small books designed, each contains one of her projects. Every book is supplemented by two different covers, which are based on the colour palette of the designers work. Through a flexible system of clips is it possible to mix and change the covers for every presentation of the portfolio. In this way the covers work not only as protection for the white books, but also as a tool for the inspiration of the designer."

Stephanie Passul is a Graphic Designer focused on Editorial Design, Typography and Art Direction. Her work includes print media, like magazines, books and posters and also visual identity’s, websites and installations. Her work is always content-related and based on a conceptional approach and a clear and bold visual language.

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13 Feb

Ivy Zheyu Chen   |   http://ivyzy.com

"The Product of Productive Procrastination, a research book and a project book, document my thesis progress exploring time management, procrastination, and personal project."

Ivy is a Communication Designer based in New York. Born in Mainland China, studied in Hong Kong, she likes talking to people, observing different places. She loves colors, risograph prints, and any composition of squares, circles, triangles.

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26 Jan

DDB   |   http://ddb.com

" The 91st Art Directors Club Annual This book is an extension of the “keep fighting the good fight” campaign, which pokes fun at the industry while celebrating the best of the year’s creative achievements. Designed at DDB New York, Creative Direction: Matt Eastwood & Menno Kluin, Art Direction: Carlos Wigle, Copywriter: Aron Fried, Book Design: Juan Carlos Pagan & Brian Gartside, Illustrations: Rami Niemi."

At DDB we are guided by playbooks, not rule books. Rigid methodologies minimize creativity. Paint-by-numbers gets you the same painting every time. That is not to say we do not have tried and true approaches to building and growing world class brands – we do. But rather than share our methodologies, we rather you spend time on the rest of this site and take a look at examples of our work, peruse some of our thinking, participate in our debates and discussions – basically get to know who we are.

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29 Apr