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Linus Bronge    |    http://linusbronge.com

"Concept, design and packaging for three Penguin Classics written by Greek philosophers. The books were handmade with hardbacks covered in cloth. These were then stained with acid to achieve an eroded, weathered look to reference the passing of time."

I’m a creative from Stockholm, Sweden. I’m currently studying for my BA in Visual Communications at Beckmans College of Design.

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23 Mar

Kolektiv Studio    |    http://kolektiv.info

Kolektiv studio is a Prague based, multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Lukáš Kijonka and Michal Krůl.

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19 Mar

Jim Wong   |   http://gd-morning.org/jim

"People don’t recognize how important the starting of a day which affect their health and productivity. They feel exhausted and the situation keep on everyday. A guide of “Good Morning” has designed for this. It provides the information of the brand assets,i.e. why having a good morning is important, the ways to achieve and maintain the consistence.

Using graphic as a tool to transform this intangible concept into a tangible substance, 11 booklets has been design according to different tpic related to morning. With this guideline people could find out and re-organize their own life, and finally spread out the positive value of having a good start in a day is the principal to the society.”

Jim Wong is one of the Hong Kong graphic designer born in 80s.
He got a first honor in BA (Hons) degree in graphic design from Middlesex University, in corporation with HKU SPACE Community College. Specialized in corporate identity, promotion campaign, exhibition, printed issues and publication.

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6 Mar

Lauren Earl    |    http://behance.net/LaurenEarl

"Currently, information on the topic of flatting provides very limited answers or guidance to better prepare first time flatters, or to help overcoming situations which may arise in this environment. The ‘Flathates Handbook’ provides a detailed, yet creative and captive, option to fill this gap of information. Through discussions with experienced flatters, the book has been developed to share real life situations and scenarios making the content more relatable to its readers. It uses humour and unpredictability to ensure one is more prepared for flatting and to enhance their overall flatting experience."

Graphic designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Focused on graphic design, illustration and typography

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1 Feb