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Calendart   |   http://calendart.nl

Calendart is a calendar illustrated by 13 illustrators from all over Europe. Calendart is a project by Pieter Frank de Jong and Luca Boscardin, screenprinted at Kapitaal workspace in Utrecht (NL) during December 2013.  Illustrations by: Sue DoeksenElena XausaRicardo LeiteMenze Kwint, Luca BoscardinGeertje AaldersMario BelemValentina Raffaelli,  Aron Vellekoop LeónPaula BonetPieter Frank de JongMarta VeludoPierluca Galvan.  

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16 Jan

Designer of the week - 09/12/2013

Nora Renaud   |   http://renaudnora.com

Nora Renaud was born on 31 may 1989 in Langres, France. She grew up in Lyon where she studied design during five years within La Martinière Diderot. She specialized in packaging and sustainable development during a Bachelor degree. Nora’s works/researches evolve thanks to mock up, folds and graphics trials. She claims this bias even if she likes sometime, becoming a geek on her computer. 

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10 Dec

How to make this amazing DIY Pantone Advent Calendar in under 5 minutes - find all the details here.

"As long as you’ve got the right supplies, this advent calendar literally takes 5 minutes to make. And it will totally get you like ten billion points in the design department. The best part about this ridiculously simple holiday hack is that you could do something similar with any pack of postcards. You could go with a collection of Vintage DC Comics, beautiful Patterns, or the cheeky Kittens of Boxville. The possibilities are endless!”

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7 Dec

Tait Design Co.   |   http://taitdesignco.com

"This special edition Turbo Flyer Connects loved ones affected by cancer. The Extra Mile is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is proud to partner with TAIT Design Co. Our mission is simple: collect frequent flyer miles from people who don’t need them and give them to those who desperately do, to visit terminally ill loved ones with cancer. We were founded by Matt Dimmer in honor of his late father Pete, who he lost to pancreatic cancer in 2012. 10% of all profits go toward our mission of connecting people."

Tait Design Co. creates limited-run handmade art & collectibles. These are the design efforts of Matthew Tait, a Michigan-based multi-disciplined designer and artist.

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4 Dec