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Anna Bassin is a young graphic design graduate from Škofja Loka, Slovenia. In high school, she was quite interested in paper and cardboard creations , but later discovered the charms of Inkscape and Gimp and moved into the wonderful world of vectors and pixels. Everyday she develops her analogue skills such as drawing, crochet, knitting and sewing. Her creative approach is very enthusiastic and mainly creative.

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16 Mar

Designer of the week - 10/02/2014

Carolin Wanitzek   |   http://carolinwanitzek.de

Carolin is a Communication Designer based in Mannheim/Germany. Since October 2008 she is studying communication design at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Mainly working in the field of photography, editorial design and typography. She has a passion for handmade graphics and creating three-dimensional illustrations made out of paper or other objects. She is always interested to create different projects with different people.

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10 Feb

Calendart   |   http://calendart.nl

Calendart is a calendar illustrated by 13 illustrators from all over Europe. Calendart is a project by Pieter Frank de Jong and Luca Boscardin, screenprinted at Kapitaal workspace in Utrecht (NL) during December 2013.  Illustrations by: Sue DoeksenElena XausaRicardo LeiteMenze Kwint, Luca BoscardinGeertje AaldersMario BelemValentina Raffaelli,  Aron Vellekoop LeónPaula BonetPieter Frank de JongMarta VeludoPierluca Galvan.  

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16 Jan

Designer of the week - 09/12/2013

Nora Renaud   |   http://renaudnora.com

Nora Renaud was born on 31 may 1989 in Langres, France. She grew up in Lyon where she studied design during five years within La Martinière Diderot. She specialized in packaging and sustainable development during a Bachelor degree. Nora’s works/researches evolve thanks to mock up, folds and graphics trials. She claims this bias even if she likes sometime, becoming a geek on her computer. 

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10 Dec