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Designer of the week (9. - 16.6.)

Erik Kirtley   |   http://erikkirtley.com

23 year old Swedish graphic designer, illustrator and occasional photographer. He’s currently living and studying in Gothenburg, but will be moving up to Stockholm this autumn to start studying there instead..

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10 Jun

Designer of the week (2. - 9.6.)

Rétrofuturs   |   http://retrofuturs.com

Stéphane Massa-Bidal aka Hulk4598, or Rétrofuturs is a french illustrator / graphic designer. Artist and illustrator known as Hulk4598 or retro-futurs, I am working since 2008 on the interaction between text and image, text / text, and image / picture. Semiotician and graphic designer, I work to develop a digital iconography.

My artistic concept Retrofuturs is a lot about the present time, it ‘s also a powerful corrosive agent that respects your digital environment. Old Archive pictures , collage, typography, unexpected relations, news,caustic tone …here are the explosive ingredients of my artistic world.  My work area extends from point G to the extended borders of the game woes. One of my wishes? Express the relationship between «online» and « Real Life».

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4 Jun

Designer of the week (12. - 19.5.)

Philippe Cossette   |   http://philk7.com

Art Director based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Focused on graphic design, branding, art direction and typography.

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13 May

Designer of the week (28.4. - 5.5.)

Tim Colmant   |   http://timcolmant.tumblr.com

I’m a young graphic designer from Brussels, Belgium. I started my Tumblr in October 2012 - mainly for fun because I love to do illustrations. After a while my work became more minimal and all about the colors and spaces. Every time someone tells what he saw in one of my illustrations, another is going to say the opposite. So that’s what I like, everyone can imagine what they want in my drawings. The viewer is free.

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29 Apr