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Miguel Montaner   |   http://miguelmontaner.com

Miguel has been developing his work as a professional illustrator since 2010, regularly contributing with press and other fields of illustration such as publishing, independent projects and publicity. He conceives illustration as a means of communication, a form of dialogue with the observer. Miguel gives his opinion and invites the observer to be submerged into the image, to reflect on it and to come to his or her own conclusions. He considers the conceptual value as the essence of the image. Therefore, he goes for simple and synthetic graphics in order to transmit the concept as efficiently as possible.

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22 Jan

Dribbble: Shots of the week - 19/01/2014

Dribbble is a place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design. What are you working on? Dribbble is a community of designers answering that question each day. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots (shots) that show their work, process, and current projects.

Every Sunday we feature our favorite shots from random Dribbble profiles. Feel free to share your Dribbble profile here.

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19 Jan

Sagmeister & Walsh   |   http://sagmeisterwalsh.com

"I have lived on three hundred dollars a month and spent thirty thousand over the same time span with little perceivable difference in happiness. My overall well-being seems to exist largely independent from my income. We produced the piece on the facade of a casino in Linz, Austria. Our direct client, Martin Sturm from the O.K. Centrum, had the unenviable task of negotiating with the management of Casino Linz, who were (understandably) reluctant to see their entire building wrapped in black and stating that money wouldn’t make their customers happy.

As viewers walked down the main pedestrian zone in Linz, they first noticed only the gigantic word Money printed seven stories high on the pitch-black casino. Only as they passed the building and looked down the side street did the rest of the maxim reveal itself.”

Sagmeister & Walsh is a NYC based design firm that creates identities, commercials, websites, apps, films, books and objects for clients, audiences and ourselves.

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12 Jan

Saimen Lee   |   http://behance.net/saimen

Illustrator based in Kota Bahru, Malaysia. Focused on illustration, graphic design, digital art and cartooning.

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5 Jan