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Run Rabbit Run   |   http://behance.net/runrabbitrun

Founded in 2013 by Kirsten Beets and Francois Conradie, Run Rabbit Run is an illustration and design studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Run Rabbit Run’s founding members met in the jungles of Patagonia where Kirsten Beets was a lowly paid research intern categorizing newly discovered fauna and flora while secretly yearning for the safety of middle management . One night while out collecting poisonous lichen she came across unusual tracks, some animal and some (gasp!) human. The human prints belonged to Francois Conradie , a professional beardsman and circus runaway who had been befriended by wolves, gradually rising through their ranks to become the leader of the pack. After fostering a friendship built on mutual respect (of hard liquor) and love (of fancy cheeses) they decided to leave the jungle and start an Illustration company on the shores of Cape Town, South Africa

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3 Jun

Designer of the week (28.4. - 5.5.)

Tim Colmant   |   http://timcolmant.tumblr.com

I’m a young graphic designer from Brussels, Belgium. I started my Tumblr in October 2012 - mainly for fun because I love to do illustrations. After a while my work became more minimal and all about the colors and spaces. Every time someone tells what he saw in one of my illustrations, another is going to say the opposite. So that’s what I like, everyone can imagine what they want in my drawings. The viewer is free.

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29 Apr

Javier Jabalera    |    http://javierjabalera.com

"Linewand is a brand made of a family of objects created to made the tasks related to drawing, painting and calligraphy in the digital world. It is a multidisciplinary project that pretends to improve the interaction and invigorate the artistic creation. Our main goal is for the user to paint and draw in a more realistic manner in a digital format. In this way, the user feels more comfortable and achieves a total control over the creation from the beginning to the end."

I’m Javier Jabalera, a young graphic designer based in Barcelona. I recently graduated in Communication and Graphic Design in Elisava Design School. I’m so into editorial design, web, communication… All related graphic design thrills me and I also try to combine my design skills with other kind of abilities as lettering or illustration.

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16 Mar

BooBoo Tannenbaum    |    http://behance.net/booboo_tannenbaum

"Yearly planner for a paper distributing company. 240 pages of me doing whatever I wanted. on the most beautiful papers you can imagine. yep. my life gets good that way."

Illustrator and a graphic designer and a cake maker and a traveler. Loves her work. LOVES it. She is very much into collaborating with people she never met. She is also into long walks in the woods with Anoushka. Anoushka is into squirrels and digging holes and being the sweetest dog on the planet.

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4 Feb