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Designer of the week - 10/02/2014

Carolin Wanitzek   |   http://carolinwanitzek.de

Carolin is a Communication Designer based in Mannheim/Germany. Since October 2008 she is studying communication design at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Mainly working in the field of photography, editorial design and typography. She has a passion for handmade graphics and creating three-dimensional illustrations made out of paper or other objects. She is always interested to create different projects with different people.

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10 Feb

Designer of the week - 27/01/2014

Milena Savić   |   http://behance.net/milenasavic

Milena is a freelance graphic designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. She is focused on print design, typography, graphic design and illustration.

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28 Jan

Ivy Zheyu Chen   |   http://ivyzy.com

"The Product of Productive Procrastination, a research book and a project book, document my thesis progress exploring time management, procrastination, and personal project."

Ivy is a Communication Designer based in New York. Born in Mainland China, studied in Hong Kong, she likes talking to people, observing different places. She loves colors, risograph prints, and any composition of squares, circles, triangles.

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26 Jan

Ricardo Leite   |   http://ricardoleite.net

"The process begins creating a “custom software”, a “tool” to compose the “kit of forms” into random compositions. The code generates random compositions with forms, perhaps wavy, sometimes twisted. Every format as an invaded space, massive, where the forms perhaps are able to create new meanings."

Ricardo works within a wide range of formats at cultural and commercial approaches, with a specific focus into the gap between graphic design and illustration fields, striving for a balance between aesthetics, content and concept. Always keen to new projects, freelance works and other collaborations.

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4 Dec