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Tsto  |   http://tsto.org

"With Vuoden Huiput we wanted to experiment with the in many ways unpredictable nature of crowdsourcing and automated workflow. Together with a programmer Juhani Pelli we created an application that transformed any written word or sentence into a rebus, an allusional device that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words. Homonyms are rare in Finnish language, therefore the rebus is constructed from a list of some 5000 words with the most used syllables and matched with an image search result from Google."

Tsto is a graphic design agency focusing on visual concepts and art direction. Our approach is thorough and hands-on. We tackle an assignment by first taking it apart to its bare essentials, and then building it in a new way that best serves the purpose. This philosophy lets us go deeper than the surface, to the hidden core of each case. Tsto was founded by Johannes Ekholm, Jonatan Eriksson, Inka Järvinen, Matti Kunttu, Jaakko Pietiläinen and Antti Uotila.

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14 May

Designer of the week - 12/05/2014:

Amy Joycey    |    http://amyjoycey.com

Amy is a graphic designer based in Montreal, Quebec - Canada. She is focused on graphic design, print design, illustration and web design.

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12 May

Marcus Pedersen    |    http://marcuspedersen.com

"A graphic design magazine with the focus on design bureau’s around the world. The wide array of bureau’s that are featured, all work within different field’s of design, though they all share a definite background in Design. Marcus chooses to depict the different types of design fields throughout the magazine by adding abstract shapes and graphics, while also by using a randomized grid system to express the diversity of the issue."

Marcus is a 24 year old interactive designer at Børresen & co. Studied 3 years of Graphic Design at Westerdals School of Communication. He works both with digital & analog matter such as identities, editorial & interactive design. He’s passionate about design in general and he believes in communicating his ideas with strong solutions based on a fun and experimental approach.

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29 Apr

Marton Borzak   |   http://martonborzak.com

"A book designed to reflect on secrets of the story. Commentary by the author, explanation and annotation of illustrations are printed with UV ink, which is only visible under UV light. The binding is designed in a way that the attached UV-lamp could fit inside the book, but at the same time it can be removed and used to explore hidden messages."

Marton Borzak is a graphic designer from Hungary, currently studying and freelancing in Copenhagen, Denmark doing a graphic design internship at RoAndCo Studio in New York City.

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12 Mar