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Solutionism - A Design Documentary

Matt LeGrand calls himself a designer and in three extraordinarily compact minutes, he explains the various levels of what “design” actually means. Visually layered in representation, Matt’s explanation makes connections to the inner and outer world that most of us have never thought of.

Solutionism is the belief that together, humanity can solve anything. By harnessing the power of design, we’re able to generate lasting, positive change and transformation.

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5 Jun

Featured video for this week is "Primavera Sound Touring Party" animation by DeviceBarcelona based audiovisual design studio, founded in 2008. A multidisciplinary creative hub focused on new media platforms and motion graphics, offering direction and art direction from concept to delivery.

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10 Dec

Featured video for this week is “Coffee in 200 frames” animation by Steffen Lyhne - dedicated animator, illustrator and motion designer. He likes to create things that make people warm and bubbly inside.

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12 Nov

Featured video for this week is called "The Tale of Rondo" - animated app promo for Rando, an anonymous photo sharing platform.

Design and direction: Markus Magnusson; Animation: Markus Magnusson, Raoul Alpkut; Soundtrack: Ergo Phizmiz - Tillys Punctured Romancer; Sound design: Markus Magnusson with some help from freesfx.co.uk

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23 Oct