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Quote of the week - 06/01/2014

Ivorin Vrkaš   |   http://behance.net/Ivorin

Designer and visual artist based in Zagreb, Croatia. He is also one of the founders of Rational International, a creative communications collective.

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9 Jan

Studio 8585   |   http://studio8585.com

"Fontune Cookies is a self-promotional piece made for the D-Day, a one-day international design fair for young designers which was held in the abandoned industrial complex in Zagreb, Croatia. The project consists of the customized fortune cookies targeted at designers. The “fortunes” were replaced with various font suggestions, ranging from the type classics of the 20th century to some very humorous type choices."

Studio8585 is an independent practice for graphic design and visual communications run by Mario Depicolzuane and Sabina Barbiš. Together with their collaborators they are working across a wide range of disciplines and media, producing both commercial and personal projects.

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24 Oct

Visit Ten Dollar Fonts because they’re having a sale, but 24 hours only so do it now! :)

Ten Dollar Fonts - International Type Foundry. Quality fonts are now available to everyone, no matter what their budget. Every week we get the latest most desired new fonts. You can submit your own font to us to sell also.

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4 Jul

Friday Freebies: Collection of Free Fonts

Nexa Slab by Fontfabric - Download

Bamq Typeface by Gulay Inceoglu - Download

Albert Typeface by Bayley Suckling - Download

Modular Typeface by Sergi Delgado - Download

Langdon Typeface by Steven Bonner - Download

Dia Typeface by Tommy Larsen - Download

Yuma Typeface by Gumpita Rahayu - Download

Aleo Typeface by Fontfabric - Download

Airbag Typeface by Simon Stratford - Download

Tomahawk Typeface by Tommy Larsen - Download

Every Friday we feature our favorite freebies! Have a freebie that you want to share? Send us an email!

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24 May