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Anagrama    |    http://anagrama.com

"Biovideo is a company heartfully built with the purpose of helping new parents live and enjoy the amazing experience of their baby’s first moments without having to worry about capturing them. Our branding proposal uses rounded type and a carefully chosen color palette to communicate the brand’s heartfelt friendliness. It is simple, clear and inspires warmth and trust. The icon ties emotion with technology, a symbol of Biovideo’s extraordinary storytelling venture. The predominantly white and baby blue color palette transmits baby vibes while the striking but limited use of red is enough to prevent it from falling into unremarkable cliché."

Anagrama is an international branding, architecture and software development firm with offices in Monterrey and Mexico City. Their clients include companies from varied industries in countries all around the world. They create the perfect balance between a design boutique and a business consultancy, from focusing on the development of creative pieces with the upmost attention to details, to providing perfect solutions based on the analysis of tangible data. 

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3 Jun

Justin Ross Tolentino    |    http://juroto.com

"Anonym.us was a school project that spawned out of a challenge to create an identity for a new social network. Rather than make another Facebook I thought it would be interesting to brand a modern esoteric society for thieves. I decided to call my social network Anonym.us as a play on anonymous. Since it was a network for thieves I combined the letter A with a ski mask to create the logo. To keep inline with the theme of anonymity and thievery I contained the information on the business card within a safe dial, turned the letterhead into a modern treasure map, made the envelopes security deposit bags, and the style guide a blueprint."

Justin Ross Tolentino (Juroto for short) loves making things! Logos, websites, doodles, noise, food, moves, jokes - doesn’t matter what it is really, because if there’s one thing he specializes in it’s turning ideas into reality. Kind of like a wizard except without the beard, robe, hat, and magic wand. Okay, perhaps a wizard was a bad analogy. Although it would be awesome if he could just wave his hands about and have pencils drawing by themselves, dancing to the beat of keyboards typing code, while he sats in his castle, sipping on some coffee from a dragon’s tooth goblet, coming up with ideas, but that’s a bit of a fantasy. For now, he does all the hard work himself from a quaint duplex somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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3 Jun

Studio Lin    |    http://studiolin.org

"Fab commissioned Studio Lin to come up with a set of printed materials to be used in each of their product mailings. They came up with a shortened "Fab" language and applied it in bold typographic way. The use of foil stamp on thick card stock and PVC helped elevate the print pieces into keepsakes."

Studio Lin is the graphic design practice of Alex Lin. Their work process is founded on a desire to explore new territory through challenging collaborations with creative visionaries in the fields of architecture, industrial design, art and fashion. By combining the studio’s analytical rigor with strong input from external forces, the resulting design is exponentially enhanced: 1 + 1 = 3. This formula also permits a fluid aesthetic to prevail. Behind every Studio Lin design is a highly defined rationale but not a singular style. The common denominator is a fresh, modern sensibility that eschews the overtly trendy in favor of lasting impact.

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28 May

ACME    |    http://acme-paris.com

"HANDS is a new animation studio, where the manual part (as you can guess), proximity aspect and the willingness to served in the fairest way client’s need are really essential. So we made a logo with each letter embody a figure with her own mood. Then we decided to use colorful papers to bring forward nice & human aspect of the studio and artisanal silkscreen printing support further the project."

ACME is a graphic design studio based in Paris created by Elodie Mandray and Caroline Aufort. Sharing similar views on their job, they decided to team up, sharing their complimentary expertise in art direction, print, visual identity and typography. The studio’s objective is to reach out to the ACME.

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15 May