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Nudge Studio   |   http://studionudge.com

"Situated in an 1800s Charleston-style home, Brown’s Court Bakery is the only remaining structure of four "sister" houses, originally named ‘Brown’s Court’. Aiming to reflect the bakery’s unique blend of the historical and modern charm, we created a brand identity and custom-lettered logo mark that extended from menus and signage to a responsive website."

Nudge is an ambitious two person studio focused on creating visual experiences that shape perception. We believe design adds value and a strategic approach is as important as execution. We are relentless in our pursuit of quality craftsmanship in all that we do.

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19 Feb

Cynthia Waeyusoh   |   http://cynthiawaeyusoh.de

"Concept-development, Corporate Design and Interior Design for KAFFEE KANN ICH. The german brand name »KAFFEE KANN ICH.« translates to “I make coffee”. Only the the finest locally grown ingredients are used and the offered cake varieties are still home-made. The branding for the owner-managed cafe in Hannover is simple yet trenchant. The choice products are marked and certified with the round label of »KAFFEE KANN ICH.«. Oh and naturally, they make the best coffee."

Cynthia is a senior designer based in Hamburg, Germany. She is focused on branding, print design, graphic design and editorial design.

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15 Feb

Lundgren + Lindqvist   |   http//lundgrenlindqvist.se

"Kodamera is a digital agency specializing in designing and building highly efficient and functional online solutions. L+L were commissioned by Kodamera to redesign their full identity, including their printed matter and signage. Fluidity, warmth and friendliness were key values throughout the process which, amongst other things, lead up to a hand drawn wordmark, two new profile colours, a series of posters and a style guide for illustrations."

Lundgren+Lindqvist is a design and development studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Operating out of a harbor-side rooftop studio in an old sugar factory, our process is based on research and led by ideas.

Through an intuitive approach, we move seamlessly between digital and physical, approaching every project with the same inherent passion and curiosity. Working across a range of disciplines – including identity design, design for print and digital, web development and art direction – we treat problems as opportunities, always inspiring an engaging and well-crafted outcome.

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31 Jan

fivethousand fingers   |   http://fivethousandfingers.net

"Tangent Café is a neighborhood restaurant and bar located on Vancouver’s eclectic Commercial Drive. Fivethousand Fingers worked closely with the owners to develop the new café’s brand—a visual identity representative of the comfortable social atmosphere they aim to achieve. The deliverables included print collateral and menu design and production, indoor and outdoor signage, interior decoration, and artistic direction over all aspects of the space."

Fivethousand Fingers is a boutique creative studio delivering beautiful and honest visual narrative. The concepts we craft develop out of sincere care for the stories with which we work and an ambition towards the finest of execution. 

The most valuable returns on our labour are the relationships which emerge from tackling real challenges with real people. We’re not interested in bigger, we are here to support better.

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26 Jan