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Foreign Policy   |   http://foreignpolicydesign.com

"The Pelican is a seafood dining institute inspired by the comfort and celebratory spirit of seafarers returning to land after a long voyage. Inspired by the pelican, a bird often seen on coastal regions, the restaurant brings to mind the anticipation visiting a brief haven where the comforts of good food and great company reside."

We are idea makers & story tellers who help clients and brands evolve their brands using various media and disciplines - design and creative consulting, design strategy, digital strategy, branding, print, web/interactive media & space design.

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23 Oct

Kidstudio    |    http://kidstudio.it

"We realized it was time to take a step forward. We are glad to present our new vision together with our new studio. Photography by Stefano Casati"

Graphic design studio based in Florence, Italy. Focused on graphic design, editorial design, branding and typography.

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27 Apr

TwoPoints.Net   |    http://twopoints.net

"We solved the orientation problem with a color system that is divided in three subsystems according to the three modules (A, B and C) of the building. Vertical color stripes break the monotony of the long corridors with form and color and give them liveliness. In order to make orientation easier we implemented typographic installations in different places of the building."

TwoPoints.Net is a small company that thinks big. Not just in terms of international clientele, but with their network as well. This network includes musicians, photographers, software developers and writers, among many others. The core of TwoPoints.Net’s network is directed by Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenz, two graphic designers with German, Dutch and Spanish education and experience

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8 Apr

Clive Wilkinson Architects    |    http://clivewilkinson.com

"The house is entered through a dense olive grove, and opens up with a long view through the low glass screened living room to the rear courtyard, which is dominated by a 48 ft swimming pool. The outside space is shaped by the house wrapping around it, and the large double-height social space of the kitchen/dining room overlooks the pool. The master suite is located in the rear, with its own courtyard, and has a bathroom that enjoys large glass doors to the pool and a shower that connects directly, allowing a convenient way to shower after swimming. The upstairs area is devoted to flexible bedroom, office and studio space."

Clive Wilkinson is an architect, designer, writer and strategist with particular expertise in the application of urban design thinking to interior design, specifically in workplace and educational communities. He was born in South Africa and educated in the United Kingdom. His practice, Clive Wilkinson Architects, was established in Los Angeles in 1991, and is an acknowledged global leader in workplace design.

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22 Mar