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Quote of the week - 10/03/2014

Tim Bontan   |   http://bijdevleet.nl

Bijdevleet is a design agency founded by Tim Bontan in 2004. Bijdevleet consists of founder Tim Bontan, designer, illustrator and artist, and a broad network of experienced designers, motion designers, filmmakers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters and web designers / developers. We do projects for clients worldwide from our studio located in the beautiful city of Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

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12 Mar

Quote of the week - 04/03/2014

*Personal work: Ena Baćanović   |   http://enabacanovic.com

Name is Ena Bacanovic, but Ruby for everyone. 22 years old, currently living and working in Zagreb / Croatia. My first encounter with graphic design was back in the days of elementary school, in art class, and since then, design is something that I do every day. I love making simple and clean things that have complicated stories behind them, with a dose of humor, if possible. When I’m not on the computer working on a new projects or sleeping, I play drums in a female band Punčke and run The Design Blog.

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4 Mar

Quote of the week - 24/02/2014

Mark van Leeuwen   |   http://markvanleeuwen.co

My name is Marco van Luijn, better known as Mark van Leeuwen, a freelance designer that specialises in typography, lettering and branding. I’m 15 years old, with an Italian and Dutch nationality, and I’m based in northern Italy.

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25 Feb

Quote of the week - 17/02/2014

Sean McCabe   |   http://seanwes.com

Hand Lettering Artist & Type Designer in San Antonio, TX. Sean has a passion for hand lettering and typography as well as a love for meticulous detail. He podcasts on the topics of creativity and business in the design industry, and sells products featuring his own lettering. 

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19 Feb